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01  Set up a Free Clarity Session

30 Minutes Free Session

Let's Chat! I promise you will leave this call with a deeper understanding of yourself. You will become clear on an area that has been holding you back

Select the "let's chat" button below to set a time for your free clarity session. We will talk about your goals and create a holistic wellness plan that works for you

02  Program Enrollment

After our conversation, I will have become clear about how we can work together. Each of my clients are unique and all have had a unique program designed for them. None of my programs or services are a one size fits all, as I incorporate various tools and modalities to design the package that is meant for you. My packages below lay a foundation to support your growth and development, but will incorporate a unique blend of the specific services required for your soul's journey

03  Transformation

We will go back to the beginning, before the world changed you. We will work together through the lens of Source, no judgment and compassion. Our focus will be to create from the inside out. For ongoing support you will have access to a private online community, discounted access to workshops, events and retreats for further support, healing, and sharing

Select Your Soul's Journey

Her Inner Healing Community
  • Best Value

    Her Inner Healing

    Every month
    Community of Healing for Women Transform your Story
    Valid for 3 months
    • Monthly Group Coaching
    • Monthly Healing Circle
    • Personal & Professional Development
    • Fitness sessions
    • Nutrition Education
    • Education about Detox/Cleanses & Herbal Remedies
    • Bonus: Opportunity to share your story in upcoming podcast
    • Bonus: Receive 10% off one-on-one Coaching
    • Receive Reiki Level 1 Certification
    • Billed monthly for 3-months
  • Personal Development

    Reiki Certification - Each level is $333 (Lvl 1, 2, Master)
    Valid for one week
    • Discover how to help yourself and others with Reiki
    • Gain confidence in treating others in your practice
    • Receive tools and knowledge to support the Reiki modality
    • Increase your earning potential
    • Learn how to clear and balance the chakra system
    • Receive a comprehensive training manual
    • Learn about the major chakra system
    • Receive a complete Reiki Healing session
    • Learn how to give a complete Reiki Healing session
    • Learn how to trust your own intuition and inner guidance
    • Learn techniques on how to connect with your guides
    • Learn how to use pendulums, crystal grids and oracle cards
    • And more depending on which level you are in
    • Bonus: Access to Private Online Community
    • Applicable taxes and fees added to base cost of $333
  • Personal Wellness

    3 Month Coaching
    Valid for 3 months
    • 2x one-on-one sessions per month
    • Self-Healing
    • Spiritual Alignment
    • Releasing old habits and negative thinking
    • Receive support in taking actionable steps to achieve goals
    • Receive a custom kit to support your personal wellness
    • 1:1 coaching to deepen awareness and broaden perspective
    • Gain clarity on how to move forward
    • Fitness Guidance
    • Healthy Eating & Movement Guidance
    • Bonus: Access to Private Online Community
    • Payment Plans Available
    • Applicable taxes and costs included
  • Spiritual Mentorship

    7 Months
    Valid for 7 months
    • Learn how to develop a Spiritual Practice
    • Become clear on your spiritual gifts
    • Design your sacred offerings
    • Spiritual skill development and refinement
    • Receive spiritual guidance 2x per month
    • Overcome fear and anxiety holding you back
    • Cleansing your space effectively
    • Working with the light and crystals
    • Mindset Coaching
    • Herbs for energy centers and healing
    • Bonus: Access to Private Online Community
    • Bonus: Discounted access to select retreats and workshops
    • Bonus: 1 monthly Zoom call to heal, share & refine your gift
    • Payment Options Available
    • Applicable taxes and costs included
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