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Herbal Wellness Assessment

1 hour Consultation

  • 1 hour
  • 150 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom Online

Service Description

Awaken your body by healing your mind, body, spirit and soul through the use of herbs. It has never been more important than now to take care of our bodies! With all the fast food, GMO products, sedentary lifestyles, radiation and the list goes on, humans have never been sicker. Many of us have been trained to think pharmaceutical drugs are the only way. When quite often they only manage the symptoms but never truly get to the heart of the issue. Of course, medication has saved many lives, including mine, however, they are not meant to be consumed forever, as they have many damaging side-effects to the mind and body! Herbs are spiritual and are a gift from our Creator for healing and energetic alignment to Source! When we consume herbs, it gets to the root of the dis-ease and heals many layers including the astral body and the physical body! We can use herbs to reverse, heal, clear, expand and soo much more! If you are dealing with chronic symptoms of anything and would like to use herbs to support your inner healing journey, then definitely book a consultation today! Note: Herbs not included.

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